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EK-07 REGULATED BC-1022 IBPS Backplane KIT (Outputs 12V, 5V, 5VSB, 3.3V,-12V)

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Important Notification: All Power Products are End of Life (EOL) and should not be used for future designs (Power EOL Notification)


The EK-07 Regulated Kit with an ATX converter (click image to enlarge) provides all the essential components for rapid prototype testing. The power in and out cables are already connected to the board so the entire system is plug and play. The BC-1022 battery controller is a tiny backplane design for adding safe and reliable Lithium Ion battery power to a new or existing platform. The controller's small footprint and extensive battery monitoring capability gives system designers the perfect solution for adding 1 or 2 smart battery packs (recommended pack BA89HC). The high efficiency system manages all aspects of the battery charging and discharging along with critical battery monitoring support via direct RS232 communications or external LCD or LED options. When it comes to charging, the BC-1022 takes a wide range of inputs from standard AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC vehicle power or solar panels.

These fully engineered controllers provide a perfect solution for OEMs seeking to limit R&D times and expenses while adding intelligent Lithium Ion battery power to portable electronic devices such as data-loggers, wireless network devices, remote sensors and small instruments. Multiple backplanes can be clustered together for large and diverse power requirements. A maximum of 32 battery packs can be monitored from a single RS232 serial port.

The EK-07 Kit includes one BC-1022 Base Battery Management Module, 125 Watt ATX Converter (12V,5V,5VSB,3.3V,-12V) Power Supply, DC IN Jumper Cable, System Power Output Cable, Communications Cables, and User CD.

Note: The evaluation kit EK-07, will support 1 to 2 battery packs(recommended pack BA89HC). Please order the Smart Battery packs to complete the kit.

The EK-07 utilizes the Mini-Box picoPSU M3-ATX (125 Watt ATX DC to DC converter) ~ for additional information and user guide visit:

All the parts are RoHS compliant, Battery Packs Sold Separately. OceanServer will also offer the EK-07 kit for customers requiring regulated outputs.

If the BC-1022 will be utilized with OceanServer's standard 14.4V battery packs, users should select the 24V power supply. For lower voltage battery packs such as 10.8V Nominal packs users can select the 19V power supply.

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